Membesarkan hati.

Membesarkan hati.

Argghh… i’m just a little bit unwell.

Thinking about my life, my choice, my family, my study, etc.

They’re make me lack of focus.

I’ve really let go of this section, but still feel uneasy. Yes, it’s all about financial problem that suddenly come to my family, that i’m not predicted before. Not about i’m not capable. And this may disrupt some of my plans.

But, I need to survive and complete the work that has become my responsibility.

The first priority is Revalina, my final project. I have to finish it until the end of this month. must!

Next priority is Gemastik. With Maskumambang team in Network Security Contest and Pak Edy team in Business Game Contest.

Next, Computer Network practicum in Informatic’s Lab, that i become one of new assistant in there.

Next, i need to find a job to extend my life and continue my study next year in this campus, IT Telkom or other campus like University of Indonesia, so i can pay college tuition with my own money. Fighting!!!

Last, i need to remake my plans…

life is like football. Sometimes u have to kick something u got to reach your goals…

7 thoughts on “Membesarkan hati.

  1. ciee, in english kok piye ๐Ÿ™‚
    keep spirit keep spirit..
    habis lulus aku juga mau kerja ah, biar bisa beli sepeda, beli dslr, keliling indonesia, he3..

  2. missing the members of laskar daskom…
    how’s life??

    go go arif…
    many things to do now,, go go to grab it ^^

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