Several Important Things to Build A Website

Website is not a stranger things anymore. Everyone already know and use every day, especially among teenagers and adults, even many who can make it. In my opinion, there are some things to consider if you want to create a website.

  • Real Time, must deal with sharing and integration into other social media.
  • Different Looks, a website should attract the attention of users and do not give too much extra content.
  • Flexibility, a website should be in the customization of the users, so it can be user generated content.
  • Embed,  a website must also be able to handle the embed content from another website or other social media.
  • Fast, this is what I think the most important, because if the website was accessed quickly, it will automatically attract users to open it again.

Maybe that’s it from me, may be useful. If youhave another thought, feel free to share with me 🙂

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