10 #Kutipan Terfavorit di Bulan Desember 2012

  • Sometimes you need those bad days, to help you appreciate the good ones.
  • In the end I’m smiling not because I’m stronger than my problems, but because my God is bigger & stronger than my problems. –@AmandaAdriani
  • The best way to avoid disappointment is to not expect anything from anyone.
  • Sometimes you should create the things around you, but sometimes you just need to adjust yourself to them. –@WilzKanadi
  • Girls always find things out, they might not say anything right away, but they know.
  • Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about.
  • There’s no better feeling than making somebody smile.
  • Never underestimate anyone. People aren’t always who they seem to be and can be more than you originally thought.
  • Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.
  • Fear grows with intelligence. Power comes with the mastery of fear, not in the ignorance of it.

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