Beberapa Aplikasi yang Menggunakan CodeIgniter

Projects using CodeIgniter (source code available)



CI drop-in authentification system.

Room booking system for schools.

Web-based personal financial management system.

68 Knowledge Base
68KB is a knowledge base script.  It was built with the site owner in mind and to be as simple to work with as possible.

Linkster, PHP Link Directory
Growing out of a need for simple categorical organization, Linkster aims to be the simple solution. Specifically built for link directories, such as a collection of your business partners. Demo available here.

MaxSite CMS
WordPress-like blog CMS. In heavy development. Documentation is in Russian only for now.
Planet CI
Planet CI is a Feed/RSS agregator reader using PHP. Its similar to planetplanet but its on perl langguage. Planet CI using codeigniter and simple pie. you can se the demo at

Invoice management.

ExiteCMS (version 8 ) is an application framework that builds on top of CodeIgniter, and adds features like a full administrative backend, multi-site support, an elaborate TRBAC model, workflow, etc. It is fully modular, we are busy making all functionality of the current ExiteCMS version (forums, albums, blogs, etc) available as modules.

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