Lima Area “Basah” 2012 untuk Startup Lokal

Artikel ini saya ambil dari Tekno Kompas bulan Desember 2011, tentang lima hal yang sedang berkembang dalam industri startup saat ini, dan mungkin bisa jadi peluang pengusaha digital untuk mengembangkannya menjadi bisnis yang kompetitif di tahun 2012. – Tahun 2010, perusahaan Internet (startup) lokal di Indonesia mulai tumbuh. Satu persatu perusahaan startup hadir dan menghidupkan kembali dunia bisni digital di Indonesia.

Tahun 2011 adalah tahun yang menunjukkan persaingan terhadap semua startup yang sudah didirikan, apakah berkembang, bertahan, atau bahkan mati. Apa yang akan terjadi dalam dunia startup lokal di tahun 2012? Continue reading

Marco Tempest: The Augmented Reality of Techno-Magic Using sleight-of-hand techniques and charming storytelling, illusionist Marco Tempest brings a jaunty stick figure to life onstage at TEDGlobal.

An awesome presentation using AR Technology! 😀

Its motion tracking and mapping technology. Getting that to work with the projected image takes some ingenuity. The problem is people aren’t understanding what they are seeing here.

Android Mobile Application Development Competition by Qualcomm and HTC

Indonesia has seen the rise of digital industry in the recent years. This was also marked by significant growth of mobile phone users.

IDBYTE are committed to grow the digital industry together with all the stakeholders. We believe empowering developers with the right foundation will eventually contribute to the country’s economy growth.

We invite all local mobile application’s developers in Indonesia to participate in the IDBYTE Android Mobile Applications Development Competition by Qualcomm and HTC.

We are looking for mobile application that is designed to promote tourism in Indonesia. The application should be able to demonstrate the strong use of mobile device. An additional feature that include Augmented Reality (AR) technology and work great on Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset and/or HTC mobile phone would be a plus. More details on how to develop your apps on AR and Snapdragon please visit

The competition is open to developed applications that have NOT yet been publicly available to Android handset. However, a great concept with strong business model would also be welcomed. Judges will evaluate your application based only on application’s design, usability, functionality, technology, model, and creativity.

The Android Mobile Applications Development Competition aims to motivate and reward participants who develop innovative, creative, functional and original applications on Android Platform. Prizes will be awarded to those participants who submit the best entries as determined in the sole discretion of the Judges. Mentorship by a panel of industry experts will be provided to the finales.

For further info on this competition, please click here.