New #Google Toolbar

Go get it right now!
1. Go get this extension to change cookies.
2. Load or and right-click to edit the cookies.
3. Change “PREF” to this:
ID=03fd476a699d6487: U=88e8716486ff1e5d:FF=0 :LD=en:CR=2:TM=1322688084: LM=1322688085: S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds
4. Don’t forget to save (submit) your changes at the bottom.
5. Reload and you have the new Google bar.

New Google Toolbar

*taken from G+, or you can see the trick in mashable

or you can see the preview below  Continue reading

Address Is Approximate – A Google Street View

Google Street View stop motion animation short made as a personal project by director Tom Jenkins.

Just watched this mini movie. It’s poetic and charming so wanted to share it –StreetView meets Toy Story. Incredibly heartwarming to see the magical way people around the world are inspired by Google products. – Larry Page

*taken from G+, shared by Larry Page

Stanford University Courses, Online and Free: Spring 2012

Stanford University Courses, Online and Free: Spring 2012

Computer science courses:
* Computer Science 101
* Machine Learning (one of the offerings this past fall)
* Software as a Service
* Human-Computer Interaction
* Natural Language Processing
* Game Theory
* Probabilistic Graphical Models
* Cryptography

Entrepreneurship courses:
* The Lean Launchpad
* Technology Entrepreneurship

about. volunteer; team; advisors; story; contact; press mentions. manifesto; resources. reading list; deschooling your mind. join. letter to parents. speaking. coaching; consulting. blog. disclosures….
*taken from M Sinclair Stevens

Where Do Your Dreams Go?

Where Do Your Dreams Go?

When you awake

Do they fall to the floor

Like leaves from a tree

Little memories that slowly die

And reminders when you look down

Where do your dreams go

When you awake

Do they bud deep green

On a life anew In the branches of time

Little memories when you look up

Where do your dreams go

When you awake?

*taken from Mike Shaw’s The Leaf Series