10 #Kutipan Terfavorit di Bulan Oktober 2012

  • The harder I tried, the worse it got. Once I eased up, things just clicked. –Goofy
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams.
  • Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
  • It takes a great deal of strength to be gentle and kind.
  • Somebody will always tell you your ideas suck. Take action anyway.
  • You might think you’re not good enough, but you’ll surprise yourself when you try.
  • Do what you love even if you don’t get paid for it.
  • Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it’s the courage to continue that counts.
  • You are your biggest critic and enemy. You have the power to manifest your destiny. Don’t stand in your own way.
  • There is no harm in trying… EVER. Either you succeed or you learn a lesson about how step closer to success next time.

10 #Kutipan Terfavorit di Bulan Oktober 2011

  • When you are in troubled, worried, and sick at heart. Remember God’s ready and waiting to share.
  • Whatever you find the hardest thing to do, do with all your heart.
  • The most dangerous lies are the lies that you believe about yourself.
  • When a woman ends the conversation with ”okay”, she just tries to say that everything is not okay.
  • Just smile, it might not make your problems disappear, but it will stop people from asking what’s wrong with you.
  • Don’t be shy about asking for help. It doesn’t mean you’re weak, it only means you’re wise.
  • Never underestimate the power of a prayer. Just because you can’t see how it works, doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.
  • Relationship is not about perfection. It is about moments, feelings, and stories being shared.
  • In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. But in life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.
  • Goodbyes make you think of what you had, what you lost, and what you took for granted.

10 Kutipan Terfavorit di Bulan Oktober 2010

  • Special time special moment, will never come without friends.
  • Words are powerful. 1 cruel remark can wound someone for life.
  • Hargai segala perbedaan, walau berbeda-beda tapi kita tetap satu. Pelangi tak akan indah dangan satu warna.
  • As you go through life you’ll see, there is so much that we don’t understand.
  • Even those who are gone are with us as we go on, your journey has only begun.
  • Sometimes, God’s rejection is God’s protection.
  • The easiest way to not get hurt is to not care, but that’s the hardest thing to do.
  • Love. Lust. Laugh. Lie. Lose. Loss. Lessons. The “7L” that created “Life”.
  • If plan A doesn’t work out, don’t worry! You still have 25 letters left.
  • Silent, doesn’t always mean yes. It may also mean no, but it’s better left unsaid.