Social media / Online Community Specialist at KrazyMarket

This job will be very suitable for you who are interest with the social media

Company Description:
KrazyMarket is a specialty online marketplace for unique, collectible, hobby, and hard-to-find items.

Job Title:
Social media / Online Community Specialist

Job Description: 
The Social media / Online Community Specialist will be responsible for helping our team to implement our marketing campaigns through all social media channels.  This will also include engaging and managing all our online communities within our social media channels. Continue reading

Creative Jobs Fair 2011

If you are an Animator, 2D & 3D Artist, Writer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Cameraman, Social Media Specialist, Web Designer, Web Programmer, Game Programmer, Motion Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Sound Engineer & Composer, Musician, Professional Game Tester, Models, Voice Talent, or the great interest in the field of Creative Industries.

Creative Jobs Fair 2011
Agenda Kegiatan Creative Jobs Fair 2011

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